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SleeveEase Stories

“I get so many compliments when I wear these leopard SleeveEase!

The pattern goes with just about anything and they keep my wrists and hands toasty warm everywhere I go.

Definitely recommend!”

- Sue

* * *

“My husband got the idea of the SleeveEase even before I could explain them to him!
Of course he said "why didn't I think of this?".
Good luck and have a great holiday!
Your soon-to-be-repeat customer. ?”
- Lauren

* * *

“Your Packer SleeveEase were a big hit at the game.

My wife wore them the whole time and everyone asked about them.”

- Fred

* * *

“Finally, something to cover my exposed wrists!

My long sleeve sweaters and jackets never cover my wrists and then I get cold sitting at my metal desk.

As soon as I put these on, I was warm and stayed warm while on the computer for hours.”

- Angie

* * *

“I bought a total of 4 pair, one pair for me and the other three pair for friends and we all love them!

We all work together in a call center, and sometimes in the winter it gets kind of cold.

So what's nice is that we can type in SleeveEase and our hands and fingers will stay nice and warm.

Thanks for a great product!”

- Andrea

* * *

“I really love my SleeveEase!

This time of year I constantly have cold fingers, which at times can be quite painful.

But I wear my SleeveEase and they keep my hands toasty warm and I can still type on my keyboard.

A great idea and a great product priced just right.”

- Kim

* * *

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