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Employers: The Perfect Gift for Your Employees, Customers and Prospects!


As an employer, this time of year, the big question is "What are we giving this year?".

Can you name a gift that nobody has, yet everyone will love?  

Give up?

It's "Logoed SleeveEase" of course!!

Your Logoed SleeveEase Order Ready to Give!

Imagine receiving your shipment of Logoed SleeveEase -- optionally gift-wrapped -- ready to give to your employees, customers and prospects -- all in time for Christmas!!

Place your order for "Logoed SleeveEase" before December 20th and we'll work out the details and make sure that your order is delivered and "ready to give" by December 20th!  

And thanks again for your business!!

The SleeveEase.com Customer Service Team!

* * * 


Try Them On!!

SleeveEase are a neat idea -- but you really need to TRY THEM ON!! You'll love the comfort and warmth of your very own pair of SleeveEase!! 

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